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From the pharmaceutical company NanoMed , the Final Breast Cream is produced using nano-technology.
Nano-technology can be defined as: "The design, characterization, production, and application of structures, devices, and systems by controlled manipulation of size and shape at the nanometer scale (atomic, molecular, and macromolecular scale) that produces structures, devices, and systems with at least one novel/superior characteristic or property."

This method extracts the purest quality and quantity extracts of the Pueraria Mirifica plant's therapeutic components necessary and essential for the manufacturing of this breast firming cream for optimum results.

Benefits of the Finale breast firming cream

At the end of a week use, you'll already see noticeable changes. Your breasts will be firmer and visible sagging reduced. Within one to two months of recommended use, the effects of this cream will be significantly visible.

Your breasts will grow in size and volume with a natural form.
Your skin will feel smoother, firmer and younger with a silkier texture.
Your cup size and natural shape will be enhanced

Finale Bust Cream: your most valuable ally against breast wrinkles

In addition, Finale Bust Cream has many other advantages besides natural breast enhancement.

This cream is specifically designed to fight against and effectively reduce wrinkles that appear on the chest with age. This part of the body is where the skin is the thinnest and most sensitive of your entire body. Therefore it is also the most prone to wrinkles. Indeed as it ages, the skin becomes loose and more easily damaged.

There are common causes of chest wrinkles:

» The damage caused by the sun's rays, pollution.
» Smoking and poor eating habits.
» Hormonal changes with menopause.
» Sleeping on your side.

With regular use of Finale Breast Cream, you'll be able to protect your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your chest.
Nano-molecular components of the cream rich in collagen and Pueraria Mirifica will give your chest and neck a second youth.

Composition of the cream

Finale Breast Cream contains only 100% natural elements from plants or herbs that will act quickly and deeply on your chest using the nano-molecules in the cream.

The combination of Pueraria Mirifica with collagen as well as various plants and natural ingredients make this cream an explosive cocktail and hyper-effective in making your breasts naturally, firm, toned and silky smooth to the touch.

Pueraria Mirifica (pure extract)
Final Breast Cream is a massage cream for your breasts whose main ingredient Pueraria Mirifica with nano-molecules to act more effectively on your breast tissue topically.

Pueraria Mirifica is a plant that grows mainly in the north of Thailand and retains the distinction of increasing the size of your breasts 100% natural way.
Thanks to the active elements in the phytoestrogens contained in Pueraria Mirifica, this cream will cause an enlargement of your breast's tissue by promoting blood flow, creating new tissue and an increase in the accumulation of water and fat in the tissues of your breasts.

Collagen Peptides
Collagen is an essential protein in the skin that gives it its strength and durability. Degradation and decreased collagen production with time causes the appearance of wrinkles and aged skin. One way to promote collagen synthesis and thus avoid the drop in production is to stimulate with collagen peptides (hydrolyzed form collagen) which will result in improving the texture of your skin, reduce wrinkles, improve moisture content in the skin for youthful, healthier skin.

Honey Extract
Used for thousands of years, honey contains antioxidants that help to rejuvenate the skin. Since it is high in sugar, honey will protect and moisturize your skin by attaching itself to the water molecules in your skin. Rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids, it will tone and nourish your skin. Honey is rebalancing and also has anti-bacterial, anti-anemic, antitoxic, antiseptics, antibiotics, regenerative, remineralizing and anti-stress properties.

Ginseng Extract
Ginseng has been used by Asian families since the dawn of time.
Rich in B vitamins, vitamin C and trace elements, ginseng and has properties to stimulate your skin cells to rebalance, reduce their natural stress, and provide anti-aging benefits.

Seaweed Extract
The mineral components of  alga will stimulate the living cells of the epidermis and favor its skin renewal. Moreover, its properties are antioxidant and will allow the slowing down the skin aging resulting mostly by the loss of elasticity, skin tone and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Most importantly, seaweed contains two active individual elements called chlorella and Corallina officinalis. The first element will stimulate the synthesis of collagen and the second will increase the cohesion and oxygenation of cells.

Soy Extracts
Soybeans have an antioxidant and protects against free-radicals. Free radicals are substances produced in the body during the oxidation reaction. They are caused mainly during times of stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Soy's antioxidant action plays a role in protection of the skin and slows skin aging by maintaining the elasticity of your skin.

Silk Protein Extract
Silk protein is a component of many cosmetic products due to its ability to improve and maintain a perfect hydration of your skin. 

Directions for Use

We recommend 2 massages per day (a massage after every shower preferably)
A dab of cream Finale Breast Cream suffices for each breast massage.
It is recommended that a massage in a circular motion around the breasts and exert slightly more pressure higher above the chest line.
Massage slowly and steadily so that the cream penetrates your skin and nano-molecules have time to do their work.
It is not necessary to wash the chest after the massage.

After two months, the results will be conclusive and you can if you want to keep using the cream but more spaced frequency. 


Women who have had a history of cysts, tumors, uterus problems, thyroid should consult their doctor before starting treatment with Pueraria Mirifica.
Women who become pregnant and want to breastfeed will subsequently stop treatment.

Finally, we also advise teenagers to wait for at least 18 years before considering Pueraria Mirifica and also to discuss with their parents about using Pueraria Mirifica to increase the size of their breasts.

Finale Breast Cream containing collagen and Pueraria Mirifica is a herbal product that contains no components that require a prescription.
This product is legal to sell in the world.

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