Pueraria Mirifica - Natural breasts enlargement


If you start to read these lines, it probably means that you have this hangs-up like many other women. Every morning it's the same disappointment in front the mirror. Your breast, its shape and firmness exasperate you. You would like to enlarge its size naturally, without using cosmetic surgery which is so scary and expensive. You dream of having firm, shapely breasts and being confident with your body : this is possible, thanks to Pueraria Mirifica, a Thai plant known for its multiple benefits. Too good to be true? Try our Pueraria Mirifica in capsules, serum or cream. Pueraria Mirifica helps you to firm up your bust but also to give your breast a tone, up until then non-existent. Been used for generations in Thailand, the plant has many properties. It takes on your breast and gives it look great, so that you feel comfortable and confident in the mirror. Say "bye-bye" to the small sagging breasts and dare the plunging necklines!!!

Visit our website, learn more about the plant, discover how Pueraria Mirifica will enlarge naturally your breast and make them firm, but not only. Pueraria will also have benefits on your skin, hair, nails, libido and against osteoporosis and menopause symptoms.

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Pueraria Mirifica - Increase breasts results

Scientific studies have been conducted jointly by Chulalongkorn University and the Department of Public Health Thai. Tests on Pueraria Mirifica and the increase and firmness of the breast were performed over a period of 3 to 6 months. Two groups of women were involved: one group taking Pueraria Mirifica and the other a placebo. After this period, the results were as follows:

Pueraria Breast Enlargement» 80% of women who took the Pueraria saw an increase in their breast size, firmness and shape.
» All these women have found a new acquired firmness and a more pronounced cleavage.
» The volume gain observed was an average of 1 to 2 cup sizes.
» A skin softer, satin and less wrinkled.
» In general, women who have larger breasts were quickly receptive to Pueraria Mirifica.
» Women with smaller breasts waited more time to get results but in the end they may have the same volume gains.

Pueraria Mirifica - Multiple benefits

Pueraria Mirifica is not stingy with its virtues. It will not only enlarge the volume of your breasts naturally. It is a multi-benefits plant that is well known by the traditional Thai medicine. It has been used for generations by the local Thai people for many other health benefits. Pueraria Mirifica will also be able to:

Pueraria Benefits» Make your skin more beautiful, silky and supple by encouraging collagen production in the skin.
» Tone your scalp, fewer gray hairs and hair loss prevention.
» Help women fight against the discomforts associated with menopause (vaginal dryness, hot flashes and sleep disorders in others).
» Make your nails harder and less brittle.
» Reduce the risks of osteoporosis, a disease that is sometimes found in postmenopausal women resulting in fragile bones.
» Increase your libido.

Pueraria Mirifica - History

Pueraria MirificaPueraria Mirifica is a Thai plant known as "Kwao Krua" or "Kwao Krua Kao" (White Kwao Kreu). It was discovered 700 years ago during the renovation of a Buddhist temple in northern Thailand. A form of palm leaf, found in a secret location, exists an adaptation of that root that is effective in protecting against dementia, memory loss and has many benefits for the skin, its tone, elasticity and hydration. The name of this plant: Kwao Krua.

Since then, blind studies and rigorous research has uncovered the chemical and biological properties of the plant. In 1931, Luang Anusan Suntara, a provincial governor in Northern Thailand, published an essay in collaboration with Dr. Phaya Vinij. These texts transcribe ancient writings in modern Thai. In their translation, these manuscripts confirm the findings of modern research proving that Pueraria Mirifica not only has a host of healing and anti-aging properties, but also enlarges the breasts of women after having analyzed the different ways to use the root as a medicinal herb to fight against loss of memory, problems with cataracts, insomnia, gray hair and wrinkles. They also highlighted the ability of the plant to promote hair growth, blood flow and overall tone human body.

It was not until 1952 that the root will attract the attention of the scientific community and Western botanists to the country of Siam. The English botanist Herbert Kenneth Airy Shaw (director of the botanical section of the journal Siam Society) gives the tuberous root "Kwao Krua Kao" its present name: Pueraria Mirifica (White) by also qualifying as a real "fountain of youth" for women and men.

Pueraria Mirifica - The Properties of the plant

Pueraria Mirifica Breast EnhancementPueraria Mirifica belongs to the family of vegetables, specifically subfamily soy. It grows mainly in the forests along the border of Burma and Northern / Northeastern Thailand between 300 and 800 meters. There exist different qualities of Pueraria Mirifica as there are different kinds of Pueraria: white, red, black and gray. For women who wish to enlarge their breasts naturally, only the white Pueraria Mirifica is effective since it is the only one that contains the essential elements that stimulate estrogen receptors in the milk ducts of the breasts. Pueraria Mirifica white differs from its counterparts by its flower and composition within the roots. Indeed, within the tuberous root are diverse assets classified as the "Phytoestrogens."

» Deoxymiroestrol    » Miroestrol    » Compesterol    » Diadzein    » Stigmasterol    » Mirificoumestan    » Genistein    » Coumestrol    » Kwakhurin

Pueraria Mirifica is particularly recognized for its 2 phytoestrogens:

Deoxymiroestrol and miroestrol are the 2 most important components of Pueraria Mirifica because they are comparable in estradiol structure. As a reminder, Estradiol is the primary active hormone of three natural estrogens in women (the other 2 being estriol and estrone). Estradiol has many hormonal functions in women, the most important: the development of your breasts !!! These two components, having a structure similar to your estradiol will naturally imitate him in his duties, including the level of your chest, there where hormone receptors are the most important, allowing a better flow of your blood, the creation of new breast tissue and the accumulation of water and fat in the tissue of your breasts. This will lead to an increase completely natural to your breast.

Two other compounds, diadzein and genistein are also involved in the development of your breast. These two will also mimic estradiol but a lesser degree.